There are 2 disabled parking bays in our car park with drop kerb access to the pedestrian path.  

The main reception doors require a key fob to access/enter the building. Only staff are permitted to have fobs. To exit the building staff need to be prompted. This can either be from the main office or by staff scanning their key fob. Multiple doors around school require key fobs. Visitors to the building can obtain a key fob after signing in the visitors guest book. All visitors are to hand badges back in when they sign out. In case of an emergency the fob sensors can be triggered to release the magnetic locks.  

All ground floor areas/rooms are flush with the floor with no steps/ridges that could be problematic to wheelchairs. Our hallways are wide so wheelchair access would not be restricted and disabled toilets are available in separate areas of the school.

We do not have any lifts in school. 

If you have any other questions regarding access please contact our school office on 01977 722440.

You can read our Accessibility Plan on our Statutory Information page here.