KS1 trip to The Deep

On Thursday 28th February, Pupils in Y1 and Y2 went to The Deep. They had a wonderful time.

Here, children have been using toys to create a coral reef as a suitable habitat for living things in the oceans

Curriculum link: To identify that most living things live in habitats to which they are suited and describe how different habitats provide for teh basic needs of different kinds of animals.

Here, children are looking at how different animals live in and need different habitats for survival.

Curriculum Link: To find out about and describe the basic needs of animals for survival.

Here children are discussing the different types of fish they see and seeing if they can name different species of fish after reading about them.

Curriculum Link: to identify and name a variety of common animals, including fish

Here children are writing down and describing what the babies of different species of animals, including fish, look like and need to survive.

Curriculum Link: To notice that animals have offspring that grow into adults

Children worked hard describing and comparing different animals that live in water.

Curriculum Link: To describe and comapre the structure of a variety of common animals.