Science Week Assembly

The whole school attended an exciting assembly on Thursday afternoon delivered by the Delta Director of Science, Jayne Hunter. 

The assembly began by the children thinking about how much plastic we use and the damage this is causing to our oceans. A documentary was shown which told us about how important our oceans are and the impact plastic is having on their future. The children also discussed ways in which we can reduce our plastic use and were shocked to find out that there is now more plastic in our oceans that fish.

The second part of the assembly fit in with our Science Week focus which is Journeys. The children discussed how we could make our journeys better for the environment and then watched and participated in some different experiments.

Mr Irving even got involved!

They also discussed how to stay safe when carrying out experiments and the safety precautions they should take.

The assembly was finished off by thinking about the importance of how we use plastic. The children decided that we should stop using plastic straws, reuse our shopping bags, reuse bottles and recycle as much as possible so that plastic is not single use.