School Reopening September Plans

Welcome back!

The academy and staff look forward to welcoming back each of our children and their families in September. Due to the ongoing COVID restrictions in place, the academy daily routine will look and feel slightly different. Please see below the letter for parents and carers with all the information including return dates and times.

Monday 24th August 2020

Dear Parents/Carers,

Reopening of Academy September 2020

Following the announcement from the government for schools to fully reopen in September we have been busy preparing and updating our risk assessment, which has now been approved by Delta Academies Trust Directors.

This letter is intended to outline some of the practical measures, which you will need to be aware of for September.

Attendance and Class Bubbles

The Academy will operate in phase group bubbles. This means that your child will remain in their own year group class for all lessons and only access shared spaces with pupils from one other class within the academy. For example: Year 3 and Year 4 will use the playground at the same time.

Attendance will become compulsory again from the week commencing 7th September 2020. Leave of absence requests will only be approved under exceptional circumstances.

First Day Back and Normal School Day/Times

Monday 7th September 2020 is an INSET day. Staff only will attend the academy on this day. For many children, the reopening of school can cause them to feel unsettled. Some pupils will be offered an appointment in the afternoon to visit the school and meet their new teacher. This is not for all children and is designed to support the transition of children whom class teachers feel may need additional time to adjust back into the routine of school. An appointment will be emailed directly to the parents of those children with their appointment time.

All children from Reception to Year 6 will return full time to the academy from Tuesday 8th September 2020. To continue to maintain social distancing, adjustments have been made to the start and finish times for each class. Please see details below.

 Year Group

Start time

End time

Nursery and Reception


11:45am (15 hours)

2:45pm (30 hours)

Years 1 and 2



Years 3 and 4



Years 5 and 6



In order to avoid bubbles mixing, it is important that your child is neither early nor late to school, but arrives at the specified time.

Only one adult per family will be allowed on site to drop off and collect children. Please enter and exit the site using the one way system and, whilst waiting, please stand on the markers provided. Social distancing should be maintained at all times.

Nursery children first week back

To support our newest children in school, they will be following a phased return across the first week. This allows staff to ensure children receive the increased level of support needed to settle them into their new setting. Your child will be allocated group A or group B to attend school on the following days:

Group A - Tuesday and Wednesday 8:45am to 11:45am (15 hours) or 2:45pm (30 hours)

Group B - Thursday and Friday  8:45am to 11:45am (15 hours) or 2:45pm (30 hours)

You will receive an email confirming your child’s group within the next few days. On the week commencing Monday 14th September 2020, your child will then attend the nursery setting every day.

Siblings in different year groups

Morning drop off - all children from one family can arrive at the time of the eldest sibling.

Collection –All children to be collected at their year bubble time. Children in years 5 and 6, with parental permission, are allowed to walk home alone. Please ensure you have informed the class teacher of this. There will be a waiting area identified to the side of the school carpark where you can wait and maintain social distancing.

Breakfast and Afterschool Club

Breakfast club will resume as normal however due to the need to maintain social distancing, this offer is for working parents only. Breakfast club doors will open at 8am and close at 8:15am. Children must enter through the academy office and all payments must be made via ParentPay prior to attending. No cash will be accepted on the door.

Afterschool clubs will commence after the first week and are subject to regular review. More information on these will be provided at a later date.


Students will have breaks and lunches in separate areas of school. Children are now allowed to bring a packed lunch or select a school dinner. All school dinners will need to be paid for using ParentPay. We are unable to take any cash for any reason. School meals must be paid for in advance. No account will be allowed to go more than £5 overdrawn. If your account goes overdrawn you will be contacted to either provide a packed lunch or add funds to your ParentPay account. If you believe you may be entitled to Free School Meals, you can find information on how to apply via the Wakefield Free School Meals website below. If you do not currently have a ParentPay account, please contact the office on Tuesday 8th September 2020.

Wakefield Free School Meals


It is essential that students return in the full, correct uniform in September. Attached is a copy of our uniform guide and you will also find a copy of this is on our website. This guide outlines our expectation about uniform. Only plain black outdoor shoes and plain black indoor pumps are allowed. Trainers/shoes/pumps with other colours are not allowed.

Our uniform is our starting point for setting out our high standards, it is how we identify ourselves as an academy and we want all students, staff, parents and carers to be proud of our academy. Uniform can be purchased directly from SPT Uniforms using the link on our website. Due to the current climate, uniform will be delivered to your home address. We are unable to take uniform orders in cash through reception at this time.

Hairstyles, Makeup and Nails

Our policy states clearly that students are not allowed any extreme hairstyles in school. Hair styles should be sensible and colours should be natural. No visible makeup is allowed. Nail polish and any type of false nails, including clear gels, acrylics, extensions, etc, are not allowed.

Jewellery and Smart Watches

No jewellery is allowed except a wrist watch, a medic alert necklace or bracelet and one pair of stud earrings which must be removed for PE. Smart watches are not allowed in the Academy. If a student is thinking about having their ears pierced, this should be done at the start of the summer holidays, as any students with piercings in September will be asked to remove them for PE.


The academy provides all stationary equipment children will require for learning. To continue to minimise the risk of transmission, children are required to bring only their reading book/diary and homework into the academy.


For the protection of all, parents will not be allowed onto the school site without a prior appointment. Reception areas are high risk and so ours will be closed. Please direct any queries to us via email or telephone. Members of SLT will be on the gates at the start and end of each day.


Students will be expected to sanitise their hands on entry and wash them regularly throughout the school day.


Abiding by social distancing rules, following one way systems, staying within boundaries and following reasonable requests are more important than ever. Please talk with your child about their importance before they return to the Academy.

All staff at the academy wish our children and families a relaxing and happy final two weeks of summer ahead of our return to full time education in September. We look forward to reopening our doors and welcoming our children back to their classrooms.

Thank you, as ever, for your ongoing support and understanding.

Yours faithfully,

Helen Prout

Head of Academy