Reading Challenge

Delta Reading Lockdown Challenge

Dear Delta Academy Trust pupils,

It's Peter J Murray here, your Patron of Reading. I'm wondering how you're all getting on during these very strange times?

I'm guessing most of you are staying at home and more than likely getting bored and frustrated with not being able to get out much!  Well, guess what?!  I've been talking to one of your teachers, Mrs Marks, and she has come up with a great idea to help get you out into the big wide world using a fantastic form of transport...your imagination!

As an author, I've always said that the imagination is the most powerful thing ever...much more powerful than images created in TV and computer games for example.

Well, Mrs Marks has come up with a super idea to get you to travel to all sorts of places in a 'lockdown challenge'. Each year group across the school will have three challenges to have a go at - Bronze, Silver and Gold.  You will have to travel a lot further to get to a Gold than you will to get to a Bronze...and that makes sense, doesn't it?

...So what are you waiting for?  Let's see how far you can get away from that house of yours. Always remember that reading is a great form of ESCAPE!

I've also got some free downloads on my website and you'll probably hear about those very soon too, if you've not found out already. You can visit my website at

Hang on in there; I'm sure we'll all be back together before too long and with the summer ahead of us, things can only get better.

Very best wishes

Peter J Murray